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Inauguration of the first building of the city of Energies

Wednesday, June the 12th, 2013, Jean Therme, Director of CEA Tech and Maurice Mazière, Director of Cadarache CEA center inaugurated the first building of the City of Energies under the aegis of territorial collectivities and PACA region. The HélioBiotec platform is associated to the city of energies on the biomass 3G part with the technologic research Direction of CEA. The laboratory will physically join the City in one or two years.

Posters of the day :
Poster on the HélioBiotec platform : Download
Poster on the HélioBiotec Research & Process platforms : Download
Poster on the microalgae culture processes : Download
Poster on the microalgae : Download

Press releases

August 2015
L'Usine Nouvelle: "Microalgae, back to the research box"

January 2013
La Croix: "Microalgae, fuels of the future"
Les Echos: "Microphyt will produce microalgae with the CEA for industry"

February 2012
Les Dossiers de La Recherche: "When our cars will run with algae"

October 2011
TV7 provence: Inauguration of the HélioBiotec platform the 25th of October 2011
Green News Techno: "HélioBiotec inaugurated: new stage for the bioenergies"
Pour la science: "Biofuel: the challenge of the microalgae"

September 2011
La France Agricole: "Biofuel, the algae take the third wave"

November 18th 2010
Le Monde: "Biofuel, not so virtuous ..."

June 23rd, 2010
wiki2d : "The CEA changed its name. Cadarache displays its two themes of research: nuclear energy and renewable energies"

June 12th, 2010
Le Monde : "The microalgae, biofuel factory"

November 1st, 2009
Environnement MAGAZINE : "The biofuel which came from the sea"

Internal communications

September, 2017
CEA news : A photoenzyme allows microalgae to produce hydrocarbons

September, 2012
Video: "Trades of the CEA - HélioBiotec"

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June 15th, 2010
CEA press release : "The center of Cadarache declines the CEA national strategy of research, to serve the nuclear energy and the renewable energies."

Winter 2008/2009
Atout Cadarache n°21 : "HelioBiotec, energy in the microalgae"

October - December 2007
Atout Cadarache n°17 : The microalgae, a field of biofuels ?


Octobre 2011
Poster 1 GERLI congress : "High-throughput screening of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii mutants affected in lipid metabolism"
Poster presented during the lipidomic GERLI congress, "Membranes & Lipides bioactifs" (26-28 October 2011, INSA Lyon)

Poster 2 GERLI congress : "Identification of a new enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway of the plant lipid polymer cutin"
Poster presented during the lipidomic GERLI congress, "Membranes & Lipides bioactifs" (26-28 October 2011, INSA Lyon)

November 2010
Poster Heliobiotec : "A biotechnology platform of microalgae for the energy production"
Poster presented during the adebiotech seminar "Algae: channels of the future !", (November 17th-19th 2010, Romainville).

May 2010
Poster LB3M : "Production of lipids by microalgae"


Bernard BIGOT
Administrateur général du CEA
Gilles BLOCH
Directeur des sciences du vivant du CEA
Directeur du centre CEA de Cadarache
ont l'honneur de vous convier à l'inauguration de la plateforme
mardi 25 octobre 2011 à 10h30, au CEA/Cadarache
en présence de
Hugues PARANT, Préfet de la région Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur,
Christophe CASTANER, Vice-Président du Conseil régional Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur,
Cyril ROBIN-CHAMPIGNEUL, Chef de la Représentation régionale de la Commission européenne.

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