"Enzymatic engineering of the hydrogenase for a photosynthetic production of hydrogen."

ANR financing for a duration of 36 months
2007-2010 ANR PNRB n°ANR-07-BIOE-010

Coordinator: M. Rousset (BIP, CNRS Marseille)


One of the main bolts limiting the development of the production of hydrogen of biological origin lies in the oxygen sensibility of hydrogenases.
This project, aims at determining what are the molecular bases oxygen sensibility of the [ NiFe] hydrogenases, to build recombinant hydrogenases rwhich could work in the presence of oxygen.

The realization of this project, since the modelling of the recombinant enzymes, their realization and their production, up to their biochemical, kinetic, spectroscopic and crystallographic characterization will offer a wide range of applications, in particular the development of a successful biological system which allows the production of hydrogen by photosynthetic borganisms, allowing to couple the water photolyse with the hydrogen production.


LB3M, CEA, Cadarache
CEA, Grenoble
UNSA (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis), Nice
CSIC (Consejo Superior de Inverstigaciones cientificas), Madrid