"Reprogramming of the cyanobacterial metabolism for a better bio-production of hydrogen from solar energy"

Interdisciplinary Energy program of the CNRS, 2010-2013
Coordinator C. Cassier-Chauvat


The future development of photosynthetic organisms capable of using the solar energy for a real production of hydrogen by biological way goes through a better understanding of the role of the hydrogenase in the metabolism of the photosynthetic cell. That is why we suggest to use an "Integrative Biology" approach to analyze the influence of a greater production of hydrogen on the global metabolism of the cyanobacterial model Synechocystis PCC6803 which lends itself well to the techniques of functional />
Both teams possess the complementary and indispensable expertises to the realization of this project. The team 1 contributed in a major way to the development of the functional genomics of Synechocystis; the team 2 masters perfectly the techniques of analysis of hydrogen production.

The knowledge acquired during our project will be used to the elaboration of strategies of genetic reprogrammings to redirect the cellular metabolism in favour of a strong and long-lasting hydrogen production.


LBI, CEA, Saclay
LB3M, CEA, Cadarache