logo Solar-h2 «Renewable Hydrogen from Sun and Water. Science Linking Molecular Biomimetics and Genetics.»

Program ENERGY-2007-3.5-01. European Solar-Fuel Initiative
Coordinator: UVHAGEN ANTONI Margareta (University of Uppsala, Sweden)


SOLAR-H2 brings together 12 world-leading European laboratories to carry out integrated, basic research aimed at achieving renewable hydrogen (H2) production from environmentally safe resources. The vision is to develop novel routes for the production of a Solar-fuel, in our case H2, from the very abundant, effectively inexhaustible resources, solar energy and water.

The project integrates two frontline research topics: artificial photosynthesis in man-made biomimetic systems, and photobiological H2 production in living organisms.

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CNRS, France
CEA, France
University of Geneva, Sweden
University of Bielefeld, Germany
University of Turku, Finland
ICIQ, Spain
Hungarian Academy of Science, Hungary
Max Planck Institute, Germany
University of Wageningen, Netherlands
University of Berlin, Germany
University of Bochum, Germany