"Biomasse OLEagineuse - Recherche Orientée"

Microphyt / CEA funding for a duration of 48 months.
2013 - 2016

Coordinator: Microphyt


Exploit the potential of the photosynthetic microalgae
The Microphyt company outsources part of its R&D at the CEA for the realization of the BOLERO program. This one relates to the improvement of the processes of mass production, i.e. on an industrial scale, and of development of the molecules of interest synthesized by the green microalgae. The program indeed foresees to identify the most promising molecules of interest and to optimize their synthesis by the selection of improved strains. It will benefit for this reason from the expertise of CEA teams, those of CEA-iBEB (LB3M) to explore the potentialities of the microalgae to synthesize molecules of interest on its HélioBiotec platform and those of CEA-Liten for the implementation of processes and technologies of production and valorization of the biomass.