Hydrogene analysis by mass spectrometry

mass spectrophotometer
Anaerobic hood and mass et spectrometer Prima dB

Mass spectrometry allows us to follow, in real time, the composition of the atmosphere (gaseous or dissolved) in touch with a plant or a microbial sample.

The mass spectrometers

The platform is equipped with three mass spectrometers. They are dedicated to the analysis of biological gas of interest and more specially hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide isotopes.
The park is composed of two quadripolar analyzers Prisma and PrismaPlus ( Pfeiffer Vacuum) and an analyzer with a magnetic sector Prima dB ( Thermo Scientific).

Plan of a MIMS spectrometric cell
Plan of a MIMS spectrometric cell

The spectrometric cells

HélioBiotec has got cells allowing the measurement of the concentrations in gas dissolved in the middle (useful volume of the order of 2 ml).

Gases spread through a membrane in teflon situated on the base of this system of introduction. This device MIMS (Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry) allows to work in real time on the gaseous exchanges of a biological material (enzymes, bacteria, microalgae, etc.) in suspension.

The platform has got three cells of this type, one situated in an anaerobic hood (O2 concentration lower than 0,5 ppm).