Park of instrumented photobioreactors

Bioreactor enlightened with its device of piloting

The platform has got four autoclavable bioreactors of 1 liter useful volume (BIOSTAT ® Aplus, Sartorius Stedim Biotech) for the culture of microalgae.
This device allows to check the parameters such as:

  • the temperature,
  • the pH,
  • the speed of shaking,
  • the gas flow of the culture
  • and the light intensity.

An anti overflowing probe and a peristaltic pump for the addition of middle allow non-stop cultures.
The lighting system realized in the laboratory allows to regulate the lighting between 30 and 1500 µmol photon / m2 / (PAR).
These bioreactors are piloted with a computer with the PC panel software µDCU.