Quantitative PCR

Results of quantitative PCR
Results of quantitative PCR

The HelioBiotec platform has got the LightCycler 480 (Roche Diagnostics) which allows us to execute real time genes quantification.
It is the fusion of two technologies:

  • The PCR: chain polymerization allowing the amplification of the DNA
  • The quantification (relative or absolute) of the fluorescent signal produced

The goal is to compare the evolution of different genes of interest. This comparison is standardized by reference genes (stable in any condition). The analyses can be carried out in plates of 96 or 384 wells.

This apparatus also allows us to make genotyping thanks to the HRM (High Resolution Melting) unit. This technique allow, for example, to separate 2 variant populations for only one base (nucleic acid) in a given gene. It combines the same technologies as describe above but with a better resolution.