High throughput screening of strains

Steps of a mutants' screening on the lipids content.

Screening of a mutant bank on the lipids content

  1. Constitution of the mutant banks.
  2. Cellular culture in microplates of 96 wells.
  3. Screening of the cells which accumulate TAG with flow cytometry (Use of a fluorescent lipophile marker: the Nile Red)
  4. Validation by HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) Extraction of the lipids in microplates.
  5. Evaluation of the lipid profils by GC-FID or GC-MS.

fluorescence measure
Device used for mutants' screening on the fluorescence

various profiles of signal's variations
Representation of various profiles of signal's variations in time

Screening of a mutant bank on the chlorophyll fluorescence

A system allowing to follow the chlorophyll fluorescence in time, on plates of culture, was finalized with the cooperation of Bernard Genty and Ilja Reiters (LEMP-CEA Cadarache).

This device is based on the excitement of the chlorophyll by a crown of diodes and the acquisition by a camera of the fluorescence signal's variations in time.
It allowed to screen a bank of more than 3000 mutants of Chlamydomonas to isolate photosynthesis mutants (Ghysel and al ., in preparation).